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Superstore.com.pk Privacy Notice
Last updated: June 06, 2021.
We know that you care how information about you is used and shared, and we appreciate your trust that we will do so carefully and sensibly. This Privacy Notice describes how Superstore.com.pk and its affiliates (collectively “Superstore”) collect and process your personal information through Superstore websites, devices, products, services, online and physical stores, and applications that reference this Privacy Notice (together “Superstore Services”). By using Superstore Services, you are consenting to the practices described in this Privacy Notice.

What Personal Information About Customers Does Superstore Collect?
We collect your personal information in order to provide and continually improve our products and services.

Here are the types of personal information we collect:
• Information You Give Us: We receive and store any information you provide in relation to Superstore Services. You can choose not to provide certain information, but then you might not be able to take advantage of many of our Superstore Services.
• Automatic Information: We automatically collect and store certain types of information about your use of Superstore Services, including information about your interaction with content and services available through Superstore Services. Like many websites, we use “cookies” and other unique identifiers, and we obtain certain types of information when your web browser or device accesses Superstore Services and other content served by or on behalf of Superstore on other websites.
• Information from Other Sources: We might receive information about you from other sources, such as updated delivery and address information from our carriers, which we use to correct our records and deliver your next purchase more easily.
For What Purposes Does Superstore Use Your Personal Information?
We use your personal information to operate, provide, develop, and improve the products and services that we offer our customers. These purposes include:
• Purchase and delivery of products and services. We use your personal information to take and handle orders, deliver products and services, process payments, and communicate with you about orders, products and services, and promotional offers.
• Provide, troubleshoot, and improve Superstore Services. We use your personal information to provide functionality, analyze performance, fix errors, and improve the usability and effectiveness of the Superstore Services.
• Recommendations and personalization. We use your personal information to recommend features, products, and services that might be of interest to you, identify your preferences, and personalize your experience with Superstore Services.
• Provide voice, image and camera services. When you use our voice, image and camera services, we use your voice input, images, videos, and other personal information to respond to your requests, provide the requested service to you, and improve our services.
• Comply with legal obligations. In certain cases, we collect and use your personal information to comply with laws. For instance, we collect from sellers information regarding place of establishment and bank account information for identity verification and other purposes.
• Communicate with you. We use your personal information to communicate with you in relation to Superstore Services via different channels (e.g., by phone, email, chat).
• Advertising. We use your personal information to display interest-based ads for features, products, and services that might be of interest to you. We do not use information that personally identifies you to display interest-based ads.
• Fraud Prevention and Credit Risks. We use personal information to prevent and detect fraud and abuse in order to protect the security of our customers, Superstore, and others. We may also use scoring methods to assess and manage credit risks.

What About Cookies and Other Identifiers?
To enable our systems to recognize your browser or device and to provide and improve Superstore Services, we use cookies and other identifiers.

Does Superstore Share Your Personal Information?
Information about our customers is an important part of our business, and we are not in the business of selling our customers’ personal information to others. We share customers’ personal information with subsidiaries Superstore.com.pk, Inc. controls that either are subject to this Privacy Notice or follow practices at least as protective as those described in this Privacy Notice. Other than you will receive notice when personal information about you might be shared with third parties, and you will have an opportunity to choose not to share the information.

How Secure Is Information About Me?
We design our systems with your security and privacy in mind.
• We work to protect the security of your personal information during transmission by using encryption protocols and software.
• We follow the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) when handling credit card data.
• We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards in connection with the collection, storage, and disclosure of customer personal information. Our security procedures mean that we may ask to verify your identity before we disclose personal information to you.
• Our devices offer security features to protect them against unauthorized access and loss of data. You can control these features and configure them based on your needs.
• It is important for you to protect against unauthorized access to your password and to your computers, devices, and applications. We recommend using a unique password for your Superstore account that is not used for other online accounts. Be sure to sign off when finished using a shared computer.

What About Advertising?
• Third-Party Advertisers and Links to Other Websites: Superstore Services may include third-party advertising and links to other websites and apps. Third-party advertising partners may collect information about you when you interact with their content, advertising, and services.
• Use of Third-Party Advertising Services: We provide ad companies with information that allows them to serve you with more useful and relevant Superstore ads and to measure their effectiveness. We never share your name or other information that directly identifies you when we do this. Instead, we use an advertising identifier like a cookie or other device identifier.

Examples of Information Collected
Information You Give Us When You Use Superstore Services
You provide information to us when you:
• search or shop for products or services in our stores;
• add or remove an item from your cart, or place an order through or use Superstore Services;
• provide information in Your Account (and you might have more than one if you have used more than one email address or mobile number when shopping with us) or Your Profile ;
• upload your contacts;
• configure your settings on, provide data access permissions for, or interact with Superstore service;
• provide information in your Seller Account or any other account we make available that allows you to create products or services to Superstore customers;
• offer your products or services on or through Superstore Services;
• communicate with us by phone, email, or otherwise;
• complete a questionnaire, a support ticket, or a contest entry form;
• participate in Discussion Boards or other community features;
• provide and rate Reviews;

As a result of those actions, you might supply us with such information as:
• identifying information such as your name, address, and phone numbers;
• payment information;
• your age;
• your location information;
• your IP address;
• people, addresses and phone numbers listed in your Addresses;
• email addresses of your friends and other people;
• content of reviews and emails to us;
• personal description and photograph in Your Profile;
• corporate and financial information;
• credit history information; and

Information from Other Sources
Examples of information we receive from other sources include:
• updated delivery and address information from our carriers or other third parties, which we use to correct our records and deliver your next purchase or communication more easily;
• account information, purchase or redemption information, and page-view information from some merchants with which we operate co-branded businesses or for which we provide technical, fulfillment, advertising, or other services;
• information about your interactions with products and services offered by our subsidiaries;
• search results and links, including paid listings (such as Sponsored Links);
• credit history information from credit bureaus, which we use to help prevent and detect fraud and to offer certain credit or financial services to some customers.

Information You Can Access
Examples of information you can access through Superstore Services include:
• status of recent orders (including subscriptions);
• your complete order history;
• personally identifiable information (including name, email, password, and address book);
• payment settings (including payment card information, promotional certificate balances, and 1-Click settings);
• email notification settings (including Product Availability Alerts, Delivers, Special Occasion Reminders and newsletters);
• recommendations and the products you recently viewed that are the basis for recommendations (including Recommended for You and Improve Your Recommendations);
• shopping lists including Wish Lists;
• your content, devices, services, and related settings, and communications and personalized advertising preferences;
• content that you recently viewed;
• Your Profile (including your product Reviews, Recommendations, Reminders and personal profile);
• If you are a seller, you can access your account and other information, and adjust your communications preferences, by updating your account.

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